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  1. Performance

    • The recipient team has shown a high level of performance on the field during the RSCL Spring Season games.

  2. Ambassadorship

    • The team has fostered local and national amateur competition by competing in tournaments with our sister NAGAAA cities representing the RCSL.

  3. Community

    • The team has provided positive social activities for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities and their allies. The team and/or it's players has made an effort to connect with other league members and teams in a positive way and foster a sense of community.

  4. Sportsmanship

    • The team and/or it's players have consistently acted with sportsmanship and has acted in a manner that promotes fair competition. Additionally, the team has acted in a manner that promotes the overall growth and strength of competition in the league, beyond the interests of their own team.

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