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The RCSL Hall of Fame was created to recognize those who have given extra effort and exhibited great sportsmanship in addition to achievements of athleticism. The RCSL Hall Of Fame recognizes the efforts, contributions, and achievements of its members. The RCSL Hall of Fame honors those who have contributed to make the RCSL a success, whether it be on or off the field.​

Player / Coach

Adam Silvia

Billy Gorman

Brian Rodgers

Chris Gaulin

Curtis Mason

Dave Johnson

Dave McPhail

David Carr

David Motta

David Squillace

Deb Mecchi

Deb Nicoll

Frank Andrade

Frank Beradis

Jason Deutsch

Jim Gilligan

Jimmy Page

John Morse

John Richard

Jonathan Ricci

Keith Christian

Liz Grande

Lori Chandronnet

Lori Pawlitschek

Mario Grande

Mark Cardarelli

Mike Leitao

Phil Lagoy

Renee Torres

Richard Twomey

Ricky Silvia

Rob Rannin

Roger Houle

Roger Paquette Jr.

Stephen McGuire

Tom Labrosse


Bill Hull

Linda Paolozzi

Ray Buonfiglio

Smokey Chechanian

Billy Svetz

Frank Ferri

Jack Witkop

John Dorr

Mark Lavalee

Michael Slade

Mike Digioia

Ralph Napolitano

Rande Diantuono

Sponsor / Friend of League

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