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The RCSL Hall of Fame was created to recognize those who have given extra effort and exhibited great sportsmanship in addition to achievements of athleticism. The RCSL Hall Of Fame recognizes the efforts, contributions, and achievements of its members. The RCSL Hall of Fame honors those who have contributed to make the RCSL a success, whether it be on or off the field.

William “Billy" Gorman

Founder of the RCSL, Commissioner, Coach, Player

Billy Gorman played for many years in the Beantown Softball League (BSL), our sister softball league. For a long time he felt that there was something missing in RI and began the process of building what would become the RCSL. After approaching several bars and recruiting players, the league became a reality in the fall of 1998. With very little help, he began the process of joining NAGAAA and after many meetings and emails and calls with NAGAAA, Billy's dream of seeing a RI league formed and part of NAGAAA became a reality. After several years of playing and coaching in the league, Billy decided it was time to hang up his cleats and glove and turned the league over to others to build upon.

For all the hard work and dedication that Billy did to get the RCSL off the ground, he became the RCSL's first Hall of Fame inductee.


Ricky Silvia


Ricky Silvia was a member of the Beantown Softball League (BSL) during the spring/summer seasons but would travel down to RI to play in our Fallball Season. He would be one of the first players to come down to the fields and help work the fields if necessary, and with the relaxed rules of the fall season, he would put his name into the draw as a pick-up player. On most weekends, Ricky would play between 3-5 games per week. He loved playing softball, he enjoyed the relaxed feel of the fall season and he loved to mentor and offer guidance to players who were just beginning to play. Ricky would offer batting tips, fielding tips to anyone who was struggling and would always be the first to cheer a play or player, no matter which team. He had an infectious spirit that people just loved to see and be around. He was such a great sportsman and friend.

Unfortunately he was taken from us way too soon, but for his enthusiasm and comradery in the early seasons of the RCSL, Ricky was posthumously inducted into the RCSL's Hall of Fame.


John Dorr


John is the owner of the Mirabar and was the very first sponsor of the RCSL. The first team name was the Mirabar Maneaters, and since then has sponsored many teams under different names. The Most well know of the Mirabar teams, in the RCSL and NAGAAA is obviously the Mirabar Grind. The Mirabar has sponsored two teams for many years and has opened themselves up to the RCSL on many occasions. In the early years of the league, John would allow us to hold our seasonal banquets at the Mirabar on Richmond Street, let us use the 2 nd floor even though it wasn't open during the afternoon, just so we can have space big enough for all our players. He has been supporting us for many years and continues to support us to this day.

For his early and continued support of the RCSL for all these years and his willingness to help us when the RCSL was in its infancy, we induct John into the RCSL's Hall of Fame.


Billy Svetz


Many in the league may not know Billy Svetz for he is from our sister league, the Beantown Softball League (BSL). When Billy Gorman began this league, he approached Bill Svetz about the idea of a Rhode Island league and Billy S. was more than willing to give any help that was needed to get the league off the ground. Billy would become one of the RCSL's first sponsors. Using his guesthouse in Provincetown as the name, the team Victoria House 2Xtreme would be formed. After several seasons as a sponsor in the RCSL, Billy would eventually leave our league but maintained contact with us through the GSWS NAGAA meetings.

For his early support and enthusiasm for the early years of the RCSL, we induct Billy into the RCSL's Hall of Fame.


Tom Labrosse

Assistant Commissioner, Coach, Player

Tom was an early player in the league and had great enthusiasm for the league. When Billy Gorman needed assistance with building the league, Tom stepped up as Assistant Commissioner and made the early years of the league fun, enjoyable and a relaxing time for friendships and enjoyable comradery on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Tom would eventually become a team coach and take his team to Washington DC for the Gay Softball World Series. This would be the first time that the RCSL would send a “C" and a “D" division team to the GSWS. Tom would eventually step down as coach but remained a player in the league for several more years, going to the GSWS several more times.

For his early support and dedication to the RCSL and his enthusiastic support for many years, we induct Tom into the RCSL's Hall of Fame.


Frank Ferri

Sponsor, Player

Frank joined the RCSL in the second season back in 1999 as a player and a sponsor of Town Hall Lanes Strikers. As the league was and is always looking for new sponsors, Frank was excited to join and sponsor. He had a great team of players on his roster, friends, family, and employees, he felt that the league was a great way to meet and hang out with people while not working. During his years with us, he opened Town Hall Lanes up to the league for fundraisers, after game cocktails, bowl-a-thons etc. He played for many years and eventually would sponsor a second team for two seasons. Even though Frank was not “running" his team, he would always be there for the RCSL if ever we needed anything.

For all his help and support in the early years and throughout the 17 years he has been affiliated with the RCSL, Frank is inducted into the RCSL's Hall of Fame.


Brian Rogers


Brian was an early player and supporter of the RCSL, he was a very competitive player playing for the Mirabar Grind for many years. He went to the Gay Softball World Series many times over the course of his career with us and went onto play in many tournaments across the country. Brian also played a few seasons with the Mirabar “D" division team to help new and inexperienced players with the fundamentals of the game. In the early years of our league, he was a good friend and enthusiastic supporter, with a steady bat and glove. He was always around and willing to give tips and pointers when needed.

For his early support, help and dedication the RCSL, Brian is inducted into the RCSL's Hall of Fame.


Rob Rannin

Assistant Commissioner, Secretary, Player Liaison, Manager, Coach, Player

Rob has been a member of the RCSL for many years, he was the Assistant Commissioner at a very important time in the league's growth as we prepared our non-profit and incorporation paperwork and helped with creating documents. He took over running the Mirabar Grind, first as coach and then later as team manager, and took them to many Gay Softball World Series, including a 3 rd place finish in the “C" division in San Diego in 2005. Rob has taken his team to many tournaments throughout the country and has been a positive force in the league. Over the years, Robbie has worn many hats in this league, and has been a driving force for the growth of the RCSL. The one thing Rob has always been, is a solid fighter for the RCSL, he does what he thinks is going to better the league.

For this and all his hard work and dedication to the RCSL, we welcome Rob into the RCSL's Hall of Fame.


Smokey Chechanian


Smokey Chechanian was an original member of the umpiring team with the RCSL. He was always around to help if needed. He was a man who loved the game of softball and would be there even just to watch a game or two. He was a gentle soul who had many positive feelings for the RCSL in the early seasons. He never once had an issue with the RCSL being an alternative league, he was always very supportive. Some of his calls may have missed their marks, (but that is par for the course when umpiring), he was dedicated. Unfortunately, he passed away while doing the one thing that he loved to do, umpiring. During a youth league game, he fell back and hit his head, but that is the way he wanted to go, on the softball field.

So for his years of service to the RCSL and softball in general, Smokey was posthumously inducted into the RCSL's Hall of Fame.


David Motta


Dave Motta was a longtime player in the Beantown Softball League (BSL), until he wanted to play closer to home. He joined the RCSL, playing with several different teams and earning the respect of many, both as a player and friend. With all the years of play that Dave has, he would offer tips and advice to some of the new players. During the early years of the RCSL, Dave would play in the fallball season and play several games every weekend. Always with a smile and a grin, Dave would always give his all both on the field and when supporting the weekly sponsors.

So for all his dedication to the RCSL, Dave was induced into the RCSL's Hall of Fame.


Deborah Mecchi

Commissioner, Player, Umpire

Deb Mecchi was one of the original players to join the RCSL the very first season, she became Commissioner after Billy Gorman stepped aside and began the process of becoming 501 © 3. After she became commissioner, Deb asked NAGAAA reps, for guidance on what was needed to become non-profit and tax exempt, with what she learned and the documents that we produced, she began the process of contacting the state and the IRS to set the wheels in motion. After many calls to the state and the IRS, the RCSL became a 501 © 3 tax exempt entity. Between Deb and several other Hall of Fame members and future Hall of Fame members, Instruments of Governance, Mission Statements and Constitution were formed. Deb made 8 trips to the NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series over the course of her career with the RCSL. It was also her dedication and passion for the RCSL that set the building blocks for the future growth of the league. Deb eventually transitioned over to an umpire position and has gone to the NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series as an umpire on one occasion.

For all the years of dedicated service and all she has done for the RCSL, Deb was inducted into the RCSL's Hall of Fame.


Jonathan Ricci

Commissioner, Player Liaison, Player, Coach, OSC Director

Jonathan Ricci has been a part of the RCSL for too many years to count. He has served the league in almost every aspect an individual can. He was the commissioner of the league during a time of massive growth in regards to number of teams and players. Jonathan helped start the Ocean State Cup tournament that has become a very successful annual tournament for the RCSL.

For all the years of dedicated service and all that he has done for the RCSL, Jonathan was inducted into the RCSL's Hall of Fame


Roger Houle

Player Liaison, Treasurer, Manager, Coach

Roger Houle was another original member of the league from the very first season of the RCSL. After two years, Roger joined the RCSL Board of Directors as the very first Player Liaison, working with sponsors and the board as well as representing the players. After several years, Roger was asked to take over the position of treasurer and remained there for the remainder of his time with the RCSL. Roger began his career with the Mirabar Maneaters and although the name changed, he stayed with the Mirabar team until new sponsors were needed. He then joined the Dark Alley Marauders, while bringing in the Alley Cat/Dark Lady as sponsors and remained with them till his RCSL career was finished. During his tenure on the board, Roger, along with Deb Mecchi and other future Hall of Fame members, researched and typed up the constitution, by-laws, mission statements and all pertinent documents for the RCSL. Roger made eight trips to the NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series over the course of his RCSL career.

For all the years of dedicated service and for all that he has done for the RCSL, Roger was inducted into the RCSL's Hall of Fame.


Ray Buonfiglio

Umpire-in-chief, Umpire

Ray Buonfiglio was one of the RCSL's original umpires, he has been with the league for seventeen years as umpire-in-chief. In these duties, he schedules all the umpires for the games and is the person in charge of said umpires. He has always been gracious and friendly to all. In the early seasons, Ray would encourage new league members and give pointers to players (after the game was over of course). Ray never had an issue with the league being “alternative," he just always embraced the league and all players. He has always been fair and impartial and friendly to all…players, sponsors, fans etc. Ray went to the NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series as an umpire on one occasion and has said it was a great experience.

For all his dedication to the league throughout his seventeen year tenure and his utmost support over the years, Ray was inducted into the RCSL's Hall of Fame.


Ralph Napolitano

Sponsor, Owner of Wheels/Stable

Ralph has been one of the league's long standing sponsors. When one of the original sponsors left our league, Ralph was right there to offer his name and his bar as a sponsor, over the years he has donated liquor baskets to team/league fundraisers as well as some of the banquets, he has opened his bar to the league on many occasions and is always there whenever the need arises. Although the name on the bar has changed over the years, the friendships and the dedication to the RCSL has never wavered.

So for all that Ralph has done for the RCSL and Providence, in general, Ralph was inducted into the RCSL's Hall of Fame.


Lori "Cooper" Chandronnet

Player, Coach

Lori has been a member of the RCSL since joining in 2003, having spent her entire career with the Town Hall Lanes team. In 2005 she assumed the role of team coach and currently still holds the position. However perhaps her greatest achievements have nothing to do with her playing career. She has been instrumental in organizing the Ocean State Classic Softball tournament since its inception. Also, she has organized and ran both the RCSL's Rhode Island Pride booth as well as organizing our players to march in the Pride Parade. She is the recipient of numerous team MVP's and Unsung Hero awards as well as having been named the recipient of the Commissioners Award for all of her hard work.

For all her years of dedication to the RCSL, Lori was inducted into the RCSL's Hall of Fame.


Dave McPhail

Player, Coach

Dave started his career in 1995 playing for the Yukon Trading Post (Providence) of the Beantown Softball League. However though he played for a number of years in the BSL, he never strayed far from the RCSL. Much of his playing career early on was spent competing against RCSL teams through inter league play . In 2006, his Fritz Southender team made the transition full time to the RCSL where he still currently remains. Over the years he has served as his teams representative, player, assistant coach and coach through his tenure in the league and in 2011, he was named the MVP of the league for the C division. He has been the recipient of numerous team MVP and Unsung Hero awards. Currently he serves as assistant coach/player of the Providence Eagle Wingmen.

For all his years of dedication and service to the RCSL, we welcome Dave to the RCSL's Hall of Fame.

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